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Re: Tomboy note-taker keeps you organized

Posted by: DylanMcCall on May 08, 2008 06:11 PM
Actually, some would argue that Beagle is the better, faster program. It is well designed so that highly technical options (such as indexer's niceness) do not have to be exposed to the user, instead working smoothly and quietly at all times :)
With Tracker, I have seen that people spend far too much time configuring the thing so it doesn't interfere with what the user wishes to achieve. Only a matter of time until that is fixed, but for me at least, Beagle is currently the nicer search engine.

Besides which, what does that have to do with Mono? My experience has been that programs written in Mono have really solid and flexible resources at hand for community collaboration (a pattern worth examining more closely to see how other development platforms can improve!), and that this has given them an edge with very fast and steady growth. Not that this is unachievable or really difficult in other places (case in point: Linux), but Mono has pretty much entered life with the tools already at hand, so almost everyone is using them. (For example, mono.addins). Another nice thing it has is one of very few decent IDEs tied very closely to the project. (Monodevelop, of course). With that IDE adding support for other languages, it could be interesting to see how this all unfolds; even without Mono, the thing definitely makes it quicker and easier to create and contribute to an open source project tidily.

Anyhow, my original aim with that now way off topic paragraph is that the development platform shouldn't matter; the end result does. If the chosen development platform makes the end result easier to achieve (and thus the software better), then so be it!
As is, I for one think Tomboy is in a league of its own. Those other desktop wiki apps are unsuited for quick notes, since they are very big presences on the desktop (UI-wise). Smart and simple UI is something the Tomboy developers are great at; I love all of their work :)
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