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Open source video editing: what we have now and what we need - so why not improve Blender?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 30, 2008 10:07 PM
There are frequent mentions of Blender whenever open source video editing is discussed.

I'd strongly encourage those who are interested in having a top quality open source video editor join in on the coversations at the feature requests at and other venues and help our developers to bring Blender to better meet your video editing needs.

As far as the interface - with Blender 2.50 we will have a fully customizable interface so setting up mouse, menu, and buttons exactly as you want them will be possible. You will be able to create your ideal interface. This will allow simple interfaces for users who want to learn the absolute minimum as well as accomodate the needs of the power user.

For other functionality, after 2.50 comes out Blender will have two projects that should help it to become an amazing video editing tool

1) Project Durian - this project will (among other things) focus on improving Blenders compositing tools, also the lead video editing developer will have a number of nice additions

2) Project Mango - this project will be a live action video - it will strongly focus on the video editing side of things, including matchmoving, motion tracking, etc.

Also Blender has a strong and well managed foundation supporting its growth and development, and a strong and active developer and user base. Thus unlike most of the video editing projects it is unlikely to cease development and fade away - a fate that is pretty common among video editing tools.



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