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"Loading" libraries.

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 24, 2008 04:41 PM
The comment about compiling and loading GNOME libraries in KDE (and vice versa) is really uncalled for.

Unless you're doing development work, or using Linux From Scratch, you don't need to compile anything. Installation of the needed libraries is automatic, and the disk space they take is negligible unless we're talking about a handheld computer.

Similarly, the "loading" part is done automatically when you start the program, and the libraries are not loaded to RAM when the program is not running. Again, on a realistic desktop computer, the amount of RAM needed for that is negligible compared to that used by Firefox, desktop widgets, etc.

While maybe the writer was just being obtuse, these kinds of comments are really spreading disinformation.

(Personally, I prefer Kate/KWrite on KDE, while consulting Quata for CSS values/attributes when i get lost.)


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