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Run Windows and Linux without virtualization

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 23, 2008 06:03 AM
I'm a bit saddened by some of the immaturity of the "OMG why not delete window$$$$z" crowd. Give it up dude, its that sort of elitist snobbery that puts so many people off. I'm a professional software engineer, and I adore linux. I use it exclusively at home, and I'm always agitating to use it at work. So far I've got our servers onto it. So far so good.

But heres the rub. Many of our customers won't even consider using linux on the desktop. To wit, I've been told that they'd rather change to another company, than let us move them to linux. Consequently, yes I have to use godamn vista on my laptop, and honestly I hate it.

But what do I do? I like being paid, and eating food and living in houses and stuff that all takes money. So I persevere.

I discovered andLinux a month ago, and its been liberating. Before it , I was using vmware, and it was slow, bunky, and it was trapped in a little box. No more. This andLinux runs *every* thing I've thrown at it, without fail (except tuxracer damnit. opengl aint so good on andLinux) and its running it as if it was a windows program. Bash shell muppetry on the C: drive? hell yeah.

And best of all, I can now develop linux apps for our customers, without worrying if they are trapped in windows world.

andLinux is a tool of world domination for linux. Don't you forget that.


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