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Three Linux HTML editors reviewed

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 23, 2008 12:18 AM
I give up... the & l t ; pre % g t ; was expanded in the preview window and passed on as a tag....

It seems that Kompozer isn't the only environment where there is a blurred line between text and code: my literal

As a wysiwyg editor, I suppose Kompozer is as good as it gets for free, but it has one major flaw, which it has had since the nvu days, and -- according to the developers -- will still have in the future: it messes up the code. Even
pre elements will be modified at the program's discretion, and other elements will fare the same way: you never know what will end up in the code, and even if one writes the code manually, the next time one looks, it will have changed.
I've tried hard to like Kompozer and Nvu, but I can't recommend it, unfortunately.
If you want wysiwyg, there is no alternative to Dreamweaver. If you want a code editor, Quanta is tremendous. I use vim. End of story.


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