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Open source video editing: what we have now and what we need

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 17, 2008 04:06 PM
What I pray for is Ardour extended to handle video and being stable and in every way efficient as Blender. Then I'll start pressing Vegas and Nuendo into the pits of oblivion. Why Ardour and not Cinelerra or Jahshaka? Because for years now we don't tend to use audio or video editors but media editors. And that means that software shouldn't care if I have audio in one, video in second and MIDI in third track. It should process it and mix it, not saying audio or video.

There is one more thing that is even more important. Anybody who spent some time working in professional studio knows that "main" software (be it Premiere, Nuendo, Jahshaka or whatever) is just a piece of what is needed to get the job done. Very often, that is the least expensive piece and the one that will not do that final touch that makes something great production. Plugins counts here! No matter how much money is invested in editor pro studio will most probably invest couple more thousands of euros in good VST's. And even if we get a great editor for Linux, we're still in chase for great LADSPA's. Ardour can be Nuendo's younger brother, but we need something to come at the place where Waves bundle, Ozone and Absinth were. Not to mention that video effects plugins for Linux are almost non-existant. At least, some VST wrapper would do the trick.

One more thing about professional studios using Linux.... (I know some will hate me for this one)... It IS important how things look like. Just take a look at pro software on Mac and Win. Yes, it looks great. There are two components of the look: usability (including efficiency) and niceness. Compare Sound Forge with Audacity. Work with both for a couple of days and SF will show as a tool that always puts needed icon under your pointer and has great shortcuts that makes you work fast as you think. At the same time Audacity, which do its sound job great, has those huge transport buttons like it is a kid's toy and takes ages to select and find function you need. And eye-candyness is important too. Doing anything creative asks for creative looking environment. That's why plugins that costs a lot looks like they came from the game not just system sliders and buttons. Beside personal feel while working, producer have clients and guests in the studio. And it all have to look spacey and expensive then! Funny thing is that we don't have a nice system that will make possible for community to develop the look of the software. We all know that most of the codemasters are not interested in making graphics. But there is a huge community of people who would be more than happy to give their share making graphics for the software. So, only thing we need is a good skinning system. It would be great to have something standardized and easily implemented in any new piece of software. or we have but I missed to notice?

dandellion Kimban


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