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Run Windows and Linux without virtualization

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 15, 2008 09:15 PM
It's not "Linux virtualization" running in Windows. It's co-processing. The kernels share the same Ring level, which is very cool. No virtualization required. This is valuable for people who need to run Windows programs and Linux programs without the hassle of rebooting or the slowness of virtualization.

While I agree that the OSS industry - and the IT industry in general - needs to port its applications to Linux, that's not going to happen until the corporate world decides that making Bill Gates rich is not the most effective use of their IT budget. And that will depend on movement in the server world as much as the desktop application world. So in the meantime this sort of solution is very valuable, at least for those few corporations who want to move to Linux but can't entirely.

On the other hand, this solution does nothing to improve either the reliability or security of Windows, so the benefits are not as great as a direct move to Linux.

It's therefore a niche solution. But still a fairly good one. What we need to see now is the same solution applied to the other main Linux distros: Red Hat, openSUSE, Mandriva, etc., so those who need this solution aren't limited to Ubuntu.

By the way, somebody notice that on Firefox running on openSUSE 10.3, the Preview/Post buttons below are being mostly covered up.


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