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Run Windows and Linux without virtualization

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 15, 2008 04:33 PM
There's an error in the thinking of each commenter. I'm not a Windows zealot by any stretch of the imagination. Quite to the contrary, I'd rather have Linux as my native desktop any day of the week. But here's where the conundrum comes in: when you are forced to use Windows as your desktop, for instance at your workplace. Either you use Windows and you operate on the corporate network, or you use Linux in your own world with only a severely crippled Internet connectivity, and no connectivity to the rest of the corporate resources you need.

Things like VirtualBox and coLinux give us who want/need the Linux environment without (hopefully) the hassle of dealing with the admins who think that Firefox is unsecure (compared to IE) or that Linux is too open (compared to Windows XP) and that if engineers installed whatever they wanted then viruses would destroy their hobbled-together networks in a flash. I love and support these products/programs because it enables me to get my work done and still appease the admins.

Now before anyone starts the comments like "Wow! It must suck to work at your place." etc, most of major corporate America is falls under this blanket and its what we have to deal with.


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