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Commentary: the Linux Foundation and the future of Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 15, 2008 07:54 AM
It is clear the the "big guys" are taking over the controlling the growth of Linux, in accordance with their own agendas and not for the needs fo the common user, the small time developers. Something needs to be done about this, otherwise, their will work to tire linux and maybe even make it unkown/forgotton or just-for-high-end-servers etc.
We ate OpenLX ( have been publishing OpenLX Linux since 2005 and concentraing on creating an excellent (easy and grafical) experience to users. We are happy to be advancing in that direction. We wish we could participate with our experience (& wish lists) in the right forums (that need to be formed perhaps) and take this forward. But, form the tone of this article (which is putting things in a straight forward way, fortunately), the big guys may not allow this to happen. So, the way out would be "Small guys will need to form their own groups and take it forward". And, we look forward to making that happen.


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