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Commentary: the Linux Foundation and the future of Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 14, 2008 04:35 PM
We all can sit around and be Monday night quarterbacks and say they should have done this or that, but in reality all of us don't really know what would make Linux a more popular desktop OS. Any and all improvements to Linux whether for the "Big Iron" or for the desktop, will improve them both.By focusing on how Linux runs on the "Big Iron" is how Linux started chipping away at M$ install base.

What is really needed inorder for Linux to really become a popular desktop? There are basically four different types of users, 1.) The enterprise user, 2.) The Gamer, 3.) The home user, 4.) the techie.

For the enterprise users (I say enterprise because that is where the money is) they need usability and managability. As to usability, most Linux distros do everything the average enterprise user needs. Managability? Well, that is were Linux is lacking in the enterprise environment. Enterprise administrators don' t want to have to manage individual machines, because it costs money, they would rather have one central location to manage all of the machines.

The Gamer/Home user, they want their stuff to just work and work well. Trully, the needs of the average home user are almost met with some of the more popular distros; they just don't know what Linux is and are affraid of it.

The techie is going to play around and put up with the things Linux is lacking.

Linux needs to become a household name. Currently, the average joe doesn't know what Linux is. Once Linux becomes a major player in the "Big Iron" arena and has addressed the managabilityissues, enterprises will look to Linux for the desktop. As enterprises start using Linux on the desktops, more vendors and open source projects are going to appear; as time passes those enterprise users will become more comfortable with using Linux. We all know, as computer users become more comfortable with an OS the more popular the OS will become ie. Windows and the Apple OS.

We all need to remember both Apple and Microsoft have at least 10 years on Linux, so nothing is going to change overnight.


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