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That's mostly userspace

Posted by: TK on April 14, 2008 03:41 PM
"My top-ten list of inhibitors to adoption on the desktop would be something like..."

Except for possibly #3 in a broad context, most of the stuff you listed is userspace stuff, not strictly kernel stuff. If I caught the gist of the summit correctly, this was to bring vendors, users, and _kernel_ developers together (not the core kernel maintainers but folks that code stuff that will eventually make its way into the kernel).

However, without grabbing more desktop share, GNU/Linux won't grab more commercial software like income-tax stuff (TurboTax online works beautifully on Linux, BTW. Couple of years ago you'd be halted at the first page.). Face it, without more commercial apps the consumer Linux desktop won't grow fast. We need either a MAJOR community push or a major vendor willing to stick their necks out to advertise Linux to get the ball rolling. Thankfully, there are less and less reasons keeping folks from switching to FOSS. :)

Whether we want GNU/Linux to grow fast is another story entirely.


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