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Open source video editing: what we have now and what we need

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 13, 2008 11:27 AM
True: the only thing I want is to simply import and edit my DV movies (add titles, subtitles, some music, a few transition effects) and burn it to DVD. That's all I want. And still there are geeks calling us 'noobs'. Come on. You must accept that not everyone can be a geek in video-editing. I would not surprised if the geek in video-editing doesn't know a bloody thing about spreadsheets of bookkeeping. Accept that we are all geeks and noobs at the same time, depending on the subject.

I have been watching the development of video-editing software in Linux for some time. I gave up to be honest. After trying loads of different video editing software in Linux (even MainActor: which is OK, but not more than that), I am now back using Studio from Pinnacle. Why? Because it just does what I want.

If you want to boil water you are not going to construct your own boiler from bits and pieces you find in your garage and you hope it works, if all it takes is to get yourself one of those nice electric kettles at the nearest electronics shop.

This principle also applies to video editing. As long as I can get Studio for less than 100 euros I will this software and use it rather than having to tinker for hours and still having a result that doesn't even come close to what Pinnacle delivers as a standard.


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