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Commentary: the Linux Foundation and the future of Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 12, 2008 06:21 PM
With the adoption of open source around the world as a result of shear magnitude, the most promanent user needs and perhaps an endless variety of specifics should flourish as smaller organisations and institutions take the initiative to address a specific need. An industry could hire an open source programer to add features specific to there needs. A recent artical in a shortwave radio magazine identified a packet switching radio set up using a windows PC. They used development methods common among open source. However, they either didn't want to do the programing or don't know how, or could only ask to have there product features addressed by way of a proprietary system. I understand the need for regulations specific to being a radio operator. And would suggest that most of base station development for the masses dose not need someone able to broadcast long distances. Most of the building blocks are in place needing only to be wraped in a novice interface as routers are FCC aproved as are any RF devices user licencing for small power application is covered within the device. So anyone can use them. It is within this context that sporting events and small bussinesses such as security, national parks (wifi travel and tour guide info.), shoping centers, cities broadcasting low power as people drive past or visit could have access to event info. if hosting an event or general chamber of commerce type info. selling the cities benefits could be availed, these uses would reveal needs to address that would develope a more effective and user friendly system. I was thinking how a college tutor center set up as a study hall is very effective for homework as questions can be answered using only one or two teachers. If this were offered to high school as an alternative to sports, an accademic club were a person could do homework, other features could coat tail such as chess, science, and electronics or comunication, music production and composition. An intro. to calculus could be offered after algebra addresing simple forms and operators so science and engineering problems could be solved. There could be programing curiculem and a project to maintain a secure base station for student use to avoid the cost of cell phone use using local networking features while learning the system design of cells and routing. The CW packet product incorperated XML type tags.- provocitive


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