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Re: Commentary: the Linux Foundation and the future of Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 12, 2008 05:35 PM
"Is it a problem? Not really."
You are wrong. It is a problem.

"People wishes are irrelevant"
Your statements are irrelevant.

"there is simply no market affordable for now."
If you only look at "sales which we can make with desktop OS" then you are right, but people DO spend money and people who sit a lot in front of the PC _ALSO_ spend money.

"The problem is for people who wish Linux is a destkop operating system: they are simply dreaming."
You are wrong.

"And nobody really cares, they are just whining a little, but they are neither willing to pay (a lot, say 100k$ by copy to fund development of a desktop oriented project) for it, or numerous enough to justify an economically viable general purpose distro. That's the fact. "
First, your facts are flaws as are your arguments. Second, in fact many care. I agree that many also dont care and I agree that the server corporate world has a much better control over Linux Development than the "desktop guys". But you are so horribly wrong in general, I cant continuie... pay 100k dollar to fund development? For what IF THE LINUX KERNEL WILL NOT SUPPORT IT ANYWAY?
Look at modular xorg. Its been around so many years and it still sucks.

I wish the KDE folks will one day remove the dep on modular xorg. I for sure would quickly jump boat, simply because modular xorg team ignores users.

The KDE team is a role model in the open source community, even better than the Linux kernel guys (because the KDE team dont ignore user input)


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