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New AbiWord looks solid but suffers from age-old Linux problem

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 12, 2008 05:08 PM
I use both Abiword 2.6.2 and OpenOffice 2.4. What Abiword does that OpenOffice can't--

Recently wrote a 14,000 word document and tried to save it to html in OpenOffice. All the paragraph marks became doubled, so had huge space between paragraphs. Worse, when I complained on the OpenOffice forum they told me I was crazy (moderator: "I don't see it.") Then they told me the display was a "normal" artifact of my browser. So I loaded the file into Abiword, saved as an html, and all the formatting came out perfectly. Abiword does better html than OpenOffice.

Rich Text Format can be loaded by anybody (even in Wordpad if you have Windoze), so I prefer to distribute files in RTF. In OpenOffice a hyperlink (web link) was lost if saved to RTF. In Abiword select RTF, and the hyperlink is preserved.

(Someone complained about .abw being the default for saves, but the default can be changed in only a few seconds. One can save in .odt for compatibility with OpenOffice.)

In OpenOffice I marked and changed all my subheadings to title case. Then I saved the file to RTF and all my formatting work (about an hour) was lost. What, so OpenOffice can't save ASCII characters? Give me a break. I complained. The result: the new version of OpenOffice has removed title case (rather than fix the problem), so now all you can do is lower or upper case selected text. But Abiword does that, plus title case, or toggle case, etc.

About the only thing Abiword lacks for me is the ability to search for nonprintable characters like paragraph mark. Then I could easily reformat text downloaded from the web.


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