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My guess

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 12, 2008 09:08 AM
My guess is that "compile more" means "compile and do other installation related work". In fact, this is a comment to "installation is hard", right?

If an app is in a repository, neither Slackware nor Gentoo user actually compiles it. Both use a package manager. On Slackware the package manager mostly unpacks, on Gentoo it mostly compiles, but neither action is performed by the user directly.

If an app is not in a repository, which happens on Slackware more often than on Gentoo, both have to compile it. If it is OK to just create running executables somewhere, the effort is the same on both distros. If it is also necessary to preserve all the accountability and maintenance potential of the package management system, a Gentoo user has to create an ebiuld and a Slackware user has to create a package.

Quite often, a Gentoo user can use an already existing ebuild to simplify the task. Slackware user normally has to figure out how to create the package from scratch, which may be harder.

So, if installation is a nonissue on Slackware, it indeed is a nonissue.


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