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Kdenlive is nearly there for me

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 11, 2008 12:46 AM
My money at the moment is on Kdenlive. They are anticipating a new v.0.6 any day now. It can handle HDV already and they are anticipating AVCHD editing abilities fairly soon as well I think. The UI is modern and what most folks think of as a NLE. My expectations are more along the lines of a 'pro-sumer' quality editor along the lines of Ulead VideoStudio or Pinnacle Studio, which allows decent hardware to edit HDV, has decent titling and transitions and themes and basic effects - enough to make a very nice HD home movie or semi-pro video. I think there is a big middle ground of Linux users to be served by something like that, who don't really need any effects or compositing - just solid normal and hi-def functionality.

Cinelerra's titling is truly abysmal and it seems to reject most of the formats I would like to use, requiring very particular re-formatting of all my footage. Blender is the opposite problem, it will 'assemble' any format you throw at it, and I use Blender all the time for 3D but as a true video editor it doesn't allow you to view what you're working on with sound or in real framerates. Usability is miserable, at least it's just not at all what people expect in an editor. I was completely disgruntled with the new release of LiVES the other day - it refused to load my footage because it was 30fps! Uh, okay . . . As Kino will likely never step up to HD it's just not on my list either. Jahshaka - well, best wishes, but I refuse to even visit their website now until they actually have a functioning release. Promises promises.


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