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New AbiWord looks solid but suffers from age-old Linux problem

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 10, 2008 10:42 PM
Hard to install? Well, if I don't go to Mandriva's control panel and install Abiword that way (using a mouse and keyboard), I can go out on the web and find a Mandriva rpm file. Two clicks, a root password and it installs. If I don't like that I can go out and download an Abiword Autopackage. Excellent software that AutoPackage method is. A couple clicks and it will install and be functional that way too. I wish there were more AutoPackages available.

So do you author types usually choose to use Linux the hard way? VBG!

My concern is that some newbie considering switching to Linux will come along and see your article and think Linux is hard to use. It isn't for average user needs. I installed Mandriva Linux for one of our college students last week in about 30 minutes and he was up and using it almost immediately. Never used anything but Microsoft products previously but he does not like Vista apparently. He had a brand new tablet PC and it seemed quit stressed by Vista. Would have been zippy with Win2000 or Xp I thought. I was a DREAM running Mandriva Linux and everything works apparently.

He has asked a few questions about how to do stuff but no more than I've had to ask about using the new Vista instead of XP.

Folks - Abiword is a GREAT word processor for Linux and Windows. So is KWord and OpenOffice. I prefer the lightweight Abiword on my old 600Mhz laptop. I am so happy to have free alternatives to the MS Office money machine. Once upon a time it was easy to think you either had to fork over big cash or risk running a pirated version of MS Office. Neither of which I want to do and won't because there are excellent alternatives in open-source land. Now Inkscape is able to import PDFs and edit them (in some ways MUCH easier than Adobe Acrobat) so my Linux computer can do ANYTHING I want it to do now.

Thank you Open-Source!!!


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