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New AbiWord looks solid but suffers from age-old Linux problem

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 10, 2008 07:33 AM
"Some people criticize AbiWord because it lacks the ability to create charts, but if you run AbiWord on GNOME, you'll benefit from the GNOME-Office integration and will be able to create and import Gnumeric charts into AbiWord documents."

I don't consent in all parts of your article. One does not have to run GNOME, just an GNU/Linux, BSD or that alike OS in order to use charts from GNUMERIC. I don't get the point. Thus it works on GNOME, Xfce, Enlightenment, KDE, ... or whatever DE. Moreover, nobody is preventing the user/writer to import charts as graphics. If you don't create them "dynamic" it's still a convenient way to finish a document.

Many other mentioned it and as they do I don't understand the installation issue. Took me a couple of seconds to install it on Debian/Sid. Sorry, but Abiword has certainly other problems than those you mention here. Is compiling from source still the "common way" to accomlish the task these days? I can not consent here for this "mainstream" application.
BTW, sure you want audio and video objects in a text document? If so put the document together with the audio and video objects in a folder and give a link to the audio and video objects within the Abiword document to the corresponding files.

Anyway, most of your other points describe Abiword quite well.


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