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New AbiWord looks solid but suffers from age-old Linux problem

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 09, 2008 11:16 PM
Yes, it's Unicode. (except on Windows, due to lack of developers there).

RE: precompiled binaries: we have AbiWord developers with upload privileges to Fedora and SuSE, so both of those distros had the new version nearly as soon as it was out. Unfortunately, there's a bit more bureaucracy in Ubuntu, which appears to be what you tested. I'm currently working on preparing binaries, and hopefully we can overcome the obstacles to get them included in Hardy. (If you feel like testing, will give you the address to put into apt-get)

With 2.6.2, Windows also has the collaboration feature.

ODF is already import/export and works well. OOXML is import only (although I suspect we'll possibly get export support courtesy of GSoC) and completely separate from ODF, and should not be linked with a slash implying relation :)

While we hope that AbiWord is self-explanatory in most places, there is a new set of documentation being worked on by a volunteer.

Glad you enjoy the speed - we start fast enough now that one of the "features" of 2.6 is the removal of the splash screen. :)

If you ran across any bugs, please file them at Thanks!

AbiWord Windows Maintainer, Ubuntu Packager, and Artist


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