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Open Media Now launched to boost digital freedom

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 07, 2008 12:43 AM
hmm Why is it that many yankees answer to a sertain problem is goin out and starting an Foundation\NGO\Association?!
There are so many that you can't remember all of them. It would better serve the community if more effort could be done together sharing resources and funding not increasing adminstrative duties and costs. I also guess that this is a move just for some of the devs to get a payed job. Hey geeks get a life and start working for a real company instead. Why is it that all devs focus on trivial tasks for work done on servers or workstations when will the end users get the same attention? And when will open realy mean open for everyone, today most disabled people are shut out of using linux or any other quirky nix version. Sure open source have good intentions but discriminates as much if not even more than proprietary software at this time. But maybe its to much to hope for that free software should be diffrent from proprietary since its the same kinds of people creating the software (devs) just they do it without pay and no boss looking\demanding a usable product in the end. Yes u may think Iam bitter windows loving commandline hating design demanding person and your right at least I know Iam right and that usability increases use and productivity something devs never think of if not forced to. So before you start gnome kde apache fsf eef osi sflc lf or any other stupid named foundation think why why and why first before you do it maybe theres a better way already in place that you can join or it might even be solved. Dont tell me to try any other dist i have done many such tests and none can match win or os x period. saying anything else is a lie and shows how little you know. This isn't a flame just fact. Just look at mysql the companys database server runs on most webservers and many others as well all over the world even though they just made 40 milj in revenues. If an NGO is the only solution or if you make profits in the range of pocket change then no company will take risks with linux. Through just letting die hard server devs from server comapnies work on for example the kernel linus torvalds makes the community a big bad favour since no usability is adressed only enterprise or things he thinks is funny goes into it. He's got it all wrong FOSS isn't a dictatorship like his its a collaboration if you talk about the fsf's philosophy about it. Also why is people so pleased with using linux when it undermines the meaning of FOSS so much We need to start talking about whats wrong with foss and not only talk about it as if everything about it is good and okay.
Come on when linux is easy, has voice and handrecognition thats industry leading and is accessible to everyone and also has a functioning buisness model.


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