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I want metadata embedded in the document in standard way, not in an application-specific database

Posted by: ahalsey on April 04, 2008 08:29 PM
In the last few years, there has been a decided trend towards embedding metadata in the document itself, or, at worst, in a sidecar file. JPEGs have EXIF and IPTC, MP3 has IDv3, etc. And XMP is an emerging standard for metadata embedding or as sidecar file. If you ever maintained a large collection of mp3 files, you know how nice it is to try out a new music library application, point it at your collection, and, Voila!, the application makes use of all your carefully maintained meta data. If the metadata was stored in an applications private database, you'd be stuck using that same application or loose all your metadata. Basically, I'd like something like EasyTag for documents. It would use a documents native metadata scheme, if one exists, or use a XMP sidecar file. And for such functionality to eventually be built into Nautilus. Nautilus, by default, would hide XMP sidecar files. Nautilus, would keep the sidecar file together with the document, during move/copy/rename operations, kind of like Resource Forks on a Mac.

I hope the XMP standard catches on, so that support can be be built into all the operating systems, so that my investment in maintaining metadata can be preserved across applications and operating systems.

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