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It's time to learn Scheme

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on April 03, 2008 09:28 PM
The reality is that ALL programming languages are severely limited by 1) the inability of compilers to recognize anything resembling a natural language and 2) the lack of a representation that can represent the complexity of any non-trivial program and which can be both understood by humans and by compilers.

So we end up with truly broken languages like LISP which may be could for some things, but are nearly impossible to maintain. And since maintenance of programs consumes many more resources than development of programs, this raises the cost of software, introduces bugs and security problems, and makes the software industry the nightmare it is.

We need to start applying clear principles of software engineering and methods of AI (NOT using LISP) to the production of a software engineering platform which obsoletes conventional programming languages and which produces correct and efficient programs. While it is unlikely that we can produce such a platform which is perfect until we have true AI, we can certainly get closer than the primitive nonsense we have in the industry now, which regularly produces nightmares like Microsoft Vista or other buggy garbage.

With the poor software development methods we have now, it's amazing any of this stuff works at all, let along as badly as it does.

Learning LISP, however, is nothing to the purpose, except as a tool which can be added to the other - primitive - tools at our disposal at this time. It's good for certain things, but it's not significantly different than most other languages in its limitations.


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