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Creating a Home Inventory with F-Spot (video)

Posted by: Chad Files on March 30, 2008 07:24 PM

I used a combination of recordmydesktop (gtk version), audacity, a few ffmpeg scripts, and kino. recordmydesktop did most of the heavy lifting.


I completely get the patent concerns with Mono, they are well founded. However, the issue brings up one of the wonderful things about the OSS community; if the tool does not fit you needs/desires/beliefs you are free to change it or create a new one completely. The concepts in the video can be done with other tools, that do not run on Mono.

@Anonymous [ip:]

Mono and F-Spot are used by Red Hat (in the Fedora project); at least they were a few versions ago. With honest and all due respect, another wonderful thing about open-source software is that we all have access to the code. If a bug needs to be fixed, roll-up your sleeves and dig in.


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