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Re: Filing US federal taxes under Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 28, 2008 05:00 PM
TurboTax online has always worked on Debian with IceWeasel(FireFox), but not my preferred Konqueror.

This year, I had to use my wife's iMac because the login screen wouldn't let me in on my Debian machine. Afterwards, I learned (and confirmed) that after the initial check, TurboTax online worked fine with FireFox/Linux - you just have to go directly to the link after the browser test to bypass it.

I believe Intuit is intentionally being hostile to Linux, either because they have an agreement with Microsoft or because they too are a proprietary software company, and they do not want Free/Open software to take over. Last I tried searching Intuit's help for "linux", there were 0 hits, compared to thousands for either "windows" or "macintosh". I could understand if "linux" returned a meager number of matches, but I don't think that a total absence can be explained by anything other than a policy decision never to mention "linux".


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