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TorrentFlux: A BitTorrent client on a server

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 26, 2008 05:05 PM
I was using torrentflux for quite some time. I saw torrentflux-b4rt on this thread and switched over the other day. The difference in performance and features is like night and day. I highly recommend going though the extra steps to get b4rt running indstead. I also wrote a howto on setting up the ipblock package (think peer guardian for linux) in a headless/gui-less configuration (not a feature which can be done from the default package). check it out here:

As for security, only you should have the front-end access to the site (if you are running it open to the world at least .htaccess it!). Then just setup the open ports for torrent clients on your firewall to that machine. The b4rt version of torrentflux allows you to choose your torrent client from a nice list. Set up this way the security falls squarely on the client and not the server.


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