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From GNOME to KDE and back again: old computing habits are hard to break

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 25, 2008 02:29 PM
I used to use GNOME and preferred it over KDE back in the GNOME 1.4 days. It just seemed to make more sense to me. However, when KDE 3 came out, that's when I really started liking it. I've been using (primarily) KDE ever since, with the occasional GNOME usage just so I remember how it works.

I've recently moved a couple of Latin Americans over to Kubuntu Gutsy, and I moved my Dad over to CentOS 5 (KDE). I do notice that, with Red Hat-based distros, there is a strong built-in GNOME bias, which I had to overcome in order to make KDE useable for my Dad. I was successful, but it was a pain dealing with all the built-in GNOME-isms. If Kubuntu Dapper Drake LTS had, say, 5 years of desktop support instead of 3 (CentOS has 7 years, like RHEL), then Dad would've gotten Kubuntu Dapper, which I find to be a mighty fine distro.

To me, it doesn't really matter which desktop, or even OS, that someone uses. What *does* matter is that the members of the public understand, at a fundamental, gut level, that they really do have a choice, and that computer vendors make that fact clear. They can go with Free Software, they can go with MS Windows, they can go with Mac OS, or they can even roll their own if they're "l33t" enough. Dell's admittedly timid foray into selling Ubuntu-preloaded PC's is a good thing, but companies like ZaReason and System76 are the ones really carrying on this cause.



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