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GNOME is like a Catholic!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 23, 2008 07:42 PM
to all kde !users: kde is a big bloat even with 4.x svn version :)
if u really want to get a taste of what kde can do-try kdemod-yes kde+modular ONLY available with archlinux!

I still remember my experience with GNU/Linux.the guy showed me both Gnome and kde in Redhat 7.1 .asked me,which one would u choose?as a n00b .I soon asked default Gnome.Gnome is simply gr8 guys!we all,after sometime becomes pro in Linux,want more configurability wanting to try kde!
seriously!Gnome can do whatever customization as possible(dont ask me those extra things like window manager with compositing support by default!waiit...metacity on Gnome-2.22 supports this!).the thing is they have a superior database called gconf.

Gnome HIG team knows better than me or U(?) about usability to a average Linux user.
those users dont want that extra functionality and millions of options to configure it as is shown in kde.
bashing Gnome is a common hobby of many including also :x
for happy it is RIP now :D
Gnome is criticized by Linus etc.but Gnome devels kept calm like Catholic does with Protestant/pentecostal fanatics(kde?) .I am proud of Gnome and its users.

I sincerely hopes kde project should shutdown and the developer power should be used with Gnome and may be a gtk3+ too :D
In a word,as a kdemod and Gnome user,I felt kde is confusing and many times bloated,useless thing!
while Gnome after so much bashing from kde fanboys lives improving with each release without any fanfare(like kde4 does!).


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