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Re: Drupal is the most popular but not the best

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 23, 2008 12:49 PM
Yes, indeed. There are a lot of free and commercial content management systems out there that most likely is better and easier to use than Drupal. My personal favorite is Plone.

Plone have all the features Drupal has, and a lot more. By default it uses its own object database for storage. This means that it is a lot simpler to install than Drupal for a newbie, This object database also gives the user unlimited undo functionality. You are however not limited to this built in database, you can access any relational database out there that have a python or ODBC interface, and that would cover most relational database products.

To the content provider the interface looks very much like an ordinary file system, where you have options to put the content item in the desired workflow state (e.g published, private,...). The content can be accessed through WebDAV, and there are even plugins available for windows that makes it possible to publish and maintain contents on the CMS directly from your windows desktop by adding right mouse button menu items that lets you change document workflow state.

Plone have a very fine grained, and extendable system of handling permissions. It is role based where you can give roles to individual users or groups of individual users. The combination of roles and groups makes it very easy to handle very large sets of users in big organizations.

Plone sites can be developed entirely through the web, or by on an on disk plugin system (Products). Currently there is a very large set of such plone products available that would target most comman uses. The templates are very close to ordinary html as all control informaiton is stored in html tag attributes. This means that they can be edited by ordinary html toools.

Check it out at


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