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Desktops- premade choices vs. configurability

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 22, 2008 07:49 PM
I, too went from Win98 to RedHat 7.2- then 8 then 9. I had customized my Win desktop to put the "panel" at the top of the screen. RH came with Gnome as default, but I found that KDE was more to my liking (perhaps because it was more "Windows like?").
I agree that far too much is made of the default "look" on different distributions. I mean- who cares what the default background or color scheme is? Unfortunately, many people judge by things like that.
I'm now running Debian Etch and using KDE, though I have just about all of the desktop/WM's installed, and work with them every now and then, but I still come back to my comfort zone with KDE (I have KDE4 installed on a Debian Sid test box, but I'm not comfortable with it at all, yet...)

While Debian isn't nearly as user friendly in installation and configuration as the distros based on it (like Ubuntu, et. al.)- I only have to install and configure it once- and most users never install an OS- a couple of hours and it was just like I wanted- nVidia drivers and all.

But... I actually like the KDE integrated components better than most others- I went from T-Bird to K-Mail (while still missing Eudora), and rave about Kate and the KDEWebdev suite. For me the integrated components just work- though I do use some Gnome applications.


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