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After a year of open source, Second Life looks ahead

Posted by: Dax Solomon Umaming on March 22, 2008 04:36 PM
"And You? Where do you want to go today?"

Me? I'm already there... and having the time of my life! How about you? Where have you been lately?

"...Neither Bluefish, Quanta or one would face a complex project with such a primitive tools)."
Dreamweaver? I have to agree that it makes easy projects easier.. but moderate to hard projects impossible. I'm sticking with Quanta.. KDevelop == primitive? Come on!

It's pretty obvious that you haven't tried Linux. And just because you've read a few articles and complaints off a forum doesn't make you an expert. You don't know s**t!

Back to the topic:
SL isn't really the best out there, but it's enough to get me hooked on it (having spent more than 80 hours). And going Open Source is really the best move they've made. I've seen a couple of improvements, and I'm sure more will come. Getting the community involved empowers them/us to do more. It gives the community a sense of responsibility which in turn makes them proud to be part of it.

More power to Linden Lab and Second Life!


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