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Re(1): Linux clients for three top P2P networks

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 22, 2008 03:21 PM
>the REAL POPULAR p2p networks is :
>2. Limewire network , still popular but dropping a lot .
>LOTS of users are using Frostwire and Cabos instead of
>spyware infested limewire free/pro (at least on windows its infected/leads to infection)

First of all, Limewire, Frostwire, Cabos, the giFT gnutella plugin, and other P2P clients USES the same protocol, so IT'S THE SAME NETWORK. And LimeWire does not have spyware, nor is it more likely to "lead to infection", and users dropping out of Limewire towards Frostwire will NOT affect the number of users in the Limewire network.

And Bittorrent isn't a complete network where every user can share with each other by default like FastTrack is, so the clients in the article were probably chosen with that in mind

>4. Also very popular over DC++ and Limewire is anon http like Rapidshare and megaupload
5. NG's in the last 3 yrs are getting a huge amount of people coming back to them

You put those under your list of "REAL POPULAR p2p networks", yet they aren't P2P.

>BAD ARTICLE , poor research

It's pretty amusing to see someone who isn't tech-savvy feel as if an article is inaccurate purely because it doesn't reflect his own uninformed views.


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