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From GNOME to KDE and back again: old computing habits are hard to break

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 22, 2008 12:10 PM
If only there were a DE with the best of both Gnome and KDE, then all would be perfect. As it stands, however, I always feel like I'm missing several important and basic features with both. Because of this, I switch ever so often, and although I'm currently pretty happy with KDE, after having used Gnome for the previous year, I'll probably switch back to Gnome one day in the future. Right now, though, it's KDE that better fulfills my needs, but I do miss several Gnome features. I just find that with KDE there are far fewer instances where I need Gnome, compared to the other way around.

You're older friend sounds like a spot-on description of my father, which I didn't think existed. I've often considered switching him to Linux (he'd actually let me without a fight!), but despite that I could set it up to be easier, I'm certain that the unfamiliarity of a different desktop would be too much for him. I won't switch him to Vista for this reason either, and since he doesn't connect to the internet much, security isn't a big concern, so he'll probably stick with what he has for the rest of his life. My current challenge with him is trying to get him to comprehend that the reason he always receives a bunch of blank pages, when printing a Word document, is because all of those blank pages are not really blank. As far as he's concerned, there's nothing on them, so they shouldn't be printed, which actually makes a little sense, when you think about it.


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