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WRONG TITLE: Should have been "I am getting Old and cant change Habits"

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 22, 2008 07:19 AM
Wrong title for the article. You should have named your article "Ubuntu vs Kubuntu" or Maybe, "Old Habits Die Hard"

The "problems" you list are all Canonical's "kubuntu" related bugs and not really KDE related.

As others have noted, the KDE devs have put in effort to have a nice user experience for non-KDE apps, which probably is not true wrt the other camp (GNOME)

Apart from that, I'd list a few more factor in favour of KDE: The devs are very approachable. I have found KDE easiest to use for Windows users.

I think KDE is more Power User friendly. (think of IOSlaves) If you are like me and are particular about details, only KDE has the options (eg: Yellow blinking cursor in a Black konsole with off-white text? Yes, that's what *I* must have)

My advice: Wait until Jul/Aug and switch back to KDE 4.1 . KDE4.x is fantastic, I am using it since Jan2008. Fast, simple, functional.

Anand Vaidya


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