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From GNOME to KDE and back again: old computing habits are hard to break

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 21, 2008 07:10 PM
My suspicion is that some, if not all the KDE problems you refer to are simply because it's Kubuntu rather than Mandriva or SUSE. In fact I had numerous problems with Kubuntu that I haven't had with Ubuntu when testing it that simply don't appear in Mandriva or SUSE.

While I have no problem at all getting wireless to function using Mandriva or SUSE under KDE, as you report, in Kubuntu it's a major headache. I'm not partial to Thunderbird at all to be honest simply because I don't like how it works. As you say, old habits are hard to break and I much prefer Kontact.

KDE does have a bias towards all of KDE, as you say. GNOME, however, has a bias towards treating me like I'm an idiot, treats me to dialogs that are simplified to the point of uselessness which reminds me of, say the Windows Explorer file "manager". Add, to which, it's visually pug ugly.

I know many people prefer the GNOME approach and more power to them. I prefer an enviornment I can set up how I want to use it, make it as simple or complex as I wish and easily have the ability to do so or not. Hence, KDE.

The reality is that in functionality there is little to choose between the two and that apps written for one will almost always run on the other.

It all boils down to the finger training you refer to and what you want from a desktop.

Still, if you're gonna retry KDE, don't use Kubuntu to do it! :-)


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