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Re: Linux clients for three top P2P networks

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 21, 2008 03:50 AM
BAD ARTICLE , poor research

Hardly anyone uses Kazza any more
the REAL POPULAR p2p networks is :

1. Bit Torrent , apparently it counts for 70% of the traffic
of the International link from Australia to overseas
for this p2p alone over HTTP/FTP/etc

2. Limewire network , still popular but dropping a lot .
LOTS of users are using Frostwire and Cabos instead of
spyware infested limewire free/pro (at least on windows its infected/leads to infection)

3. DC++ is very popular

4. Also very popular over DC++ and Limewire is anon http like Rapidshare and megaupload

5. NG's in the last 3 yrs are getting a huge amount of people coming back to them

So program side:

Bit Torrent:

Windows - Utorrent and Hilite seem to be the most two common ones at the moment
hardly anyone uses the heavy resource clients or ones that want java (eg Azureus)

Linux - Deluge , Transmission , Ktorrent seems to be the most talked about clients
and most recommended on Linux

Mac - Can they even play XVID encoded media from p2p ... Leave this for someone else



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