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Re: The Crushing Truth: Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 20, 2008 11:03 PM
To the commenter above,

You are wrong. You are completely wrong. Are you a Microsoft employee or someone similar? Trying to defend an operating system with lackluster features and clinging to a bloated, proprietary, badly-designed system.

Linux is not completely terminal based. Open-source fuels many countries such as Germany, the Philipines, Brazil, Cuba, and many others. Linux is used in the movie design industry (CinePaint in Harry Potter and etc.) and very important to embedded systems, 3d software (a la blender and k3d), management, servers, and many other places.

LInux has advanced features such as 3d desktops that make even Leapord and Vista pale in comparison. The unrivaled stability, speed, and customizability makes it ideal for industry and home users alike. There are many ongoing projects to make the desktop even more usable.

Where on Windows I had to spend hours and days looking for drivers, on Linux I plug in a joystick, keyboard, optical mouse, camera, or similar device and am immediately using it.

Windows is neither mature nor functional. The constant crashing, lack of any sense of customizability (msstyles? please!) and non-sensical interface is rather uninviting. I have been using Linux for years. I have had problems but none as severe as Windows.

Windows is a bug. Windows is a virus. Windows sucks. Linux is usable. I use the terminal when I want something done because it is faster and easier. Most f the time there is a graphical tool anyway.

I use package repositories. I don't need to spend hours googling for a product and illegaly downloading things through torrents. I don't even want to click buttons to have something installed. I just want it installed.

LaTex is not an Office Suite. Neo Office, Open Office, KOffice, and GNOME Office are all office suites.

Microsoft Cisual Studio .NET is a ripoff. It is vendor-locked, without useful features, and bug-ridden. Eclipse does not take 2 GB. I run it on a 6 yr old computer with 256 MB of RAM and a 777 Mhz pocessor. KDevelop is one of the most advanced and most mature IDE that ever existed. It seems you have never used Linux in your life.

I almost never need to compile things. Someone has compiled it already. If you can''t figure out how to compile, there are things called READMEs that tell you exactly what to do.

I have never problems copying and pasting between GTK and QT and never have.

Flash is easy to install. A little bar appears at the top. You click it and click accept. It installs. No hassle. Then reload page and you have flash. Java is just a simple package install away.

Linux has much to give to the inexperienced user. My friend helped get Linux installed in a nursing home. We came back weeks later, they had installed it on tons of computers and the users were very pleased and had no trouble what so ever. They were browsing the web, playing games, watching movies, checking emails, blogging, editing pictures, writing documents (memoirs, wills, books, wills, etc.), creating slideshows, and just generally having fun. Now if a 75 yr old guy in a nursing home can learn linux, why can't you? Some of them were even messing around in the terminal and trying to learn to program!

It took me 10 minutes to install Linux Mint. I just point-and-clicked and did what the installer told me. I am immediately at a full-featured 3d Desktop with tons of software at my fingertips. I have all my media codecs and i have had no problems what so ever. I can run every single game I own (even the many obscure ones) through Wine or Cedega with little or no configuration. I can play my PS2, PS1, Nintendo DS, SNES, NES, and Gameboy (Color and Advanced) games all through easy to install emulators.

I suggest you learn to use Linux before you act like an asshole and flame-bash Linux. Get your n00bish self off you seat, stop jacking off to gay porn, stop trying madly to delete viruses and praying your firewall works, and learn to use it. Learn.

BTW, Gentoo was a cinch to install. They have an online manual. I just do EXACTLY what they say and it's there. Debian is even easier. I just say yes a a few times and it is installed. Ubuntu and it's spinoffs are even easier with point and click dialogs.

Sorry for the ad hominem attacks. They were neccesary.


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