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DANCE ~~_ _ _ _ ... a "TKO"

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 18, 2008 07:04 PM
I read an article about an open social network platform. It may be narow minded to build an application simply to go head to head with success, weather or not, the article suggested a greater benifit of combining social net works to ferther exploit the benifits that make them so successful. I would like to cheer the app. as comprable to the invention of the tellephone. If there arn't better ways, this could be used to organize a course schedule, distribute and up/down load assignments study material or refrences to reasources and reasarch material as well incorperate by way of the brouser other independant programs such as blackboard for goupe projects and automated testing and posting of grades (all on a flash drive) and evolve to encapsulate administration. It could be used by real estate to connect clients to profesionals, contractors could track projects in real time and large companies could have an assesment team to supervise or even quarterback saftey and coad complience to reduce liabiliy costs. I was hoping to sanbag this one, however the internets greatest economic acheavment awaits not only the ability for anyone to post content but, to determine access not only to others but any variety of compensitory methods weather fix rate, percentage, bid-ask, weighted average of contribution, market rate, or what ever method can be concieved from compeating or cooperative industry services. Various content may be more amenable to cirtain types of compensation. A record, similar to that published by media publications, could track and identify different content and there comercial viability under various compensitory means.- teaser, the lucus chronicle needs a bit more work as I'm finishing a master class in harmonica and looking for a country song that uses the chords D and A.


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