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..shaking a bogey off your six

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 13, 2008 03:32 AM
These underlying features look like a good idea. Reports suggest most people don't like a lot of bells and whistles yet if they were hidable to allow desired custumazation I think thats a good idea. There is also an idea that may not be obviously related with regards to what is historicly a time line. Yet, were a method or mechanisms evilution is concerned time may not be contiguous from subsytems to final application. The Idea : sugar cream and QT and GTK and cursers and java script dom features have a lot in common, so why not build a translator ( intelegence amplifier ) so system set up in one can be compiled or configured or just translated to the other were features are effectivly similar. This so far is a bit obvious however the time line or what I mite suggest as the evilutionary ascendance would allow the examination and alteration of higher level and uderlying systems. The higher and lower are the directional ascendace ( a new word has to be used to make everything that much more confusing ). So standardization has a simalar effect, but the idea is to collect simalarities. Example: writing a program an indexed list in the side bar has templates of for loops or types or classes etc. ( programe venacular ) typing the index number places the item on your program so you only fill in the blanks. Progams if not identical could define an I/O interface suggesting equivalance. This also suggests that open source should have activity in LUT as a sofware implementation ( meaning a platform for which programs are writen that use LUTs as the mean of implementation) of both software and hardware so as not to be beholden to fpga manufactures as sugestions get aswered like making a plug and play sata interface but then they claim ownership and additionaly suggest they don't want there products mixed with competitors. The mixing part is there perogitive its just that by programing with out a specific circuit one safegards and stakes out teritory that may try to be userpt for lack of accessability or neccesary application. Also I saw an article about a keyboard with rollers as keys in a V shape to help people from being all thumbs at the keyboard and latter that rim may be using an angled key patent (which they should if they have it- I don't mind patents if there mine, otherwise) if the keys were gull wing shaped to egonomicly fit the length of ones fingers would that be a V shape and if so dose that mean round is equal to stright? Last, I think it's available as a help for people that don't like to use a mouse, the idea is to have an indexed library of all clickable objects to allow keyboard activation rather that cursor scrolling using the keyboard. A version of a page could offer clickable object displade with a chariture that could be type to access the link. This may be more efficient than a mouse or touch motion if at a keybord. And may have the effect discribed by programs that are suposed to increase mental alertness by making you look at different places on the screen.


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