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OpenProj: good software, but needs documentation

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 12, 2008 12:29 PM
although I have not been using MS Proj lately, I have been using that type of tool starting in the dual floppy PC days! I've spent a few years with MS Proj and have used several others on both PC's and mainframes.... One of the first times I was using MS Project, I had to teach a colleague how to use it. Unfortunately, the copy we were using was in German (we were in Frankfurt, so that's no surprise) except that I didn't speak German at the time... so I had to muddle through that and MS Project - and we still got things going because I was very familiar with all the terms/structures of project mgmt.

I played with OpenProj earlier and found a few limitations, ones that subsequent releases would probably address - some user interface, mainly printing/output formatting.

I also tried taskjuggler and planner and gave up on those in favor of (Gantt Project) as I needed something to share with my Windows-only friends/clients. Gantt Project is pretty simple to use and is much easier if you have to LEARN about project mgmt while you are also learning the software.

Having said that, OpenProj actually COULD be an MS Proj replacement, even in the business world. But, its no less complicated than MS Proj for a larger project - but also no more complicated than MS Proj would be for a similarly sized project.

So if you already KNOW how to do PERT/GANTT/resource management, head to OpenProj for a test drive. If your project is not very complicated or you are new to all this, then I'd suggest Gantt Project instead.

enjoy! and as we say, YMMV (your mileage may vary)!


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