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A hands-on look at the Splashtop instant-on Linux environment

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 11, 2008 03:39 AM
I'd rather they enabled the possibility to create a bios/initrd hybrid that knows the expected state of your hardware and boots directly into your kernel without ANY bios probing of hardware. Boot into the real OS in 9 seconds. Not an email client..... The slowest part of boot is "add on" bios sections of pci lan/scsi/Sata controllers etc. Get rid of that, straight to initrd to resume from a static standard s2disk image and you're done. You could detect and use a dynamic s2disk image if last state was hibernated.

Only time you would need to update is if you change hardware config and/or wish to write a new "standard state" disk image.

1. Use a standard known hardware state by default (only change when change is made) - No bios wait.

2. Initrd comes straight from bios. - No disk wait.

3. Kernel and running image is decompressed direct from a hibernate image. - No full kernel boot.

That's fast and gets you to a fully loaded os. Doesn't sound that difficult....


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