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MindTouch, Mono, etc

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 11, 2008 01:45 AM
@Anon #1,
1). We moved to Mono because we're comfortable with the technology. More on this in a moment. It is very important to note: extending the platform can be done with any programming language you like on any platform you like running on any server you like (meaning it can even be remote).

2). I'm not sure what version you're using of Deki Wiki, but the memory leak you're referring to was fixed quite a while back and was only evidenced in certain installs with certain versions of Mono. I encourage you to update. If you're using the VMware image you can auto-update with the script we provide.

3). There are well over a hundred pages of documentation at We're working hard, and so are the several thousand community members, to improve docs. Rest assured our docs are improving and are significantly more robust than most projects. Please know we've only had a product public for just over a year and a half and the docs are pretty mature for how young we are. Thanks especially to our community for this. Docs are also in Japanese and other langs I would like to add.
A key point to realize about MindTouch's Deki Wiki is that this is a distributed application platform that facilitates highly concurrent computing. Compiled code really eases the complexity of what we're doing. More info here:

@Anon poster #2, the system is reflective . This means you can glean a lot from the system itself. You can inspect (as a machine or human) the entire functionality in fact. Case in point: shows all the registered extensions to external apps and shows the entire API. More about the API here:

Finally, ALL of Deki Wiki's source code is available for download at This includes MindTouch Dream (see Technology page), which we release under LGPL. We do pre-compile to simplify things for installation, but ALL source code is public and included (in the VM too).

If you give our technology page a read I think you’ll have a much better understanding of what we’re building and why we made the decisions we did wrt our stack.

Thank you both for your input. We take all community input very seriously. There are thousands that provide input at I encourage you to participate here and please keep the feedback coming.

/Aaron Fulkerson


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