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Where is git in this article :(

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 10, 2008 10:52 PM
This is sad. When I read the headline on the frontpage I thought it might be another good article which compares the versioning systems at hand. But since git isn't mentioned at all I can not take it seriously. Sure, saying that "most of the time the choice has already been made for you" does have some truth, but this still doesn't mean that you can't use a superior SCM/content-tracker at home or as a backend to the existing system.
From sentences like "A critical mistake that many programmers make is to not check in frequently enough." and "Branching and merging tend to be the most difficult tasks you can perform in source control systems" you can already see that the author clearly hasn't gotten around to using git yet. Also it seems to me that every article which deals with CVS/SVN nowadays just has to mention that you can, in fact, "branch" and "merge" in those systems too, albeit in a complicated way.


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