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SPOILER - Extra clues

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 09, 2008 09:30 PM
what do santa and linux have in commom? Some headwear (an enterprise Distro)...
drive traffic to your website with keywords. What is google and/or Yahoo etc? What ius it called to make web pages friendly to those (answer is first letter of 3 words)
what is the goodbye linux distro? (there is a clever pun of words in there, i am sure): Goodbye in a non English language is also a Linux distro
what is that cool lightweight window manager? As cool as water at 0% Centigrade?
android's destination? is that a movie reference? which movie? Android is not only a Robot thingy, but also the name of a (newish) computer product that runs on a....
what is conger? Type of snake-like animal that lives in water...
can't find that rhel-derived linux on distrowatch either. Look at
where does virtualization run? There are guests that run on a .......
arch city? STL - I do not know whty
derive? A fork can be considered the next ...... of the project
colt's state? Three letter abreviation of US state where colt's come from (I think)

can anyone help with those?


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