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MindTouch claims that it learns the open source walk ...

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 09, 2008 07:48 PM
But like the poster above, I can speak from experience that there are many design elements that they still need to rethink and some basic concepts that even if they think they have learned it, they need to realize that they learned the wrong thing. My experience trying out their technology has been that there is way too much "don't worry about that, its being taken cared of some where in there" and you end up finding alot of binary blobs that may or may not be the cause of major perfomance issues (not that you would ever know because I don't seem to recall being able to get to that source code).

One thing I think they have not learned yet is that for you to gain any sense of credibility in a community you need to allow that community to voice that fact. Because if you are the one who is going around telling people that a community likes you and none of those people in that community have said that, rather its others who themselves are not a part of the community that are agreeing with your assertion, then you might just be fooling yourself.


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