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MindTouch learns the open source walk

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 07, 2008 10:45 PM

1) Why the hell did they move to mono outside of appeasing the Win32 crowd--the Hayes upgrade caused a lot of pain and still does because several DekiWiki components are sealed behind the mono binary wall

2) Mono, at least Deki's implementation, is memory-leaking pig--that thing dies on us about once a week until we put a crontab in to reboot it. Does this sound a little like rebooting? What's with the "restart it and it'll be okay" mentality?

3) They need to document their stuff. Yeah, the upgrade path was documented (but still a major pain). I challenge you to easily find the "welcome email" text people get it. You know where it is? It's in a file called "resources.txt" buried in the includes, or somewhere. "resources.txt, resources.txt?!!?" Go ahead, search for it on the Deki site or google for "Dekiwiki change welcome email" and see what you get.

To some the above may seem tactical. I point these out as examples of a wider mindset responsible for these design decisions.


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