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- No mail after all !!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 07, 2008 09:50 PM
Hello. Am I the only one searching for the announced instant-mail-in-the-morning-application after all?
With huge respect for this work (in progress) - but this is like often done: they speak about "getting up in
the morning and checking for urgent mail within seconds, not minutes" and after a lot of really hard work
they present a product for chatting, watching photos or dvd's. --> Mission failed !!
If you take into consideration the amount of time for chatting or watching a dvd then a normal boot of any
actual OS should be acceptable. But where time is a real factor - at the mail-check-and-go - they forget the
complete application? Ooops. What a pity.
It's really necessary to implement a working mail app. Otherwise you could use one of the dozen mobile
solutions available and full working at this moment. And then comes the earlier mentioned solution with
builtin tools for system backup/restore and maintenance in place. Maybe they don't forget the apps for this.
With hope for mail and more... :-) Greetings


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