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Latest Slax release needs more time in the oven

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 04, 2008 04:01 PM
You can also increse performance by installing slax a linux partion say ext3 instead of fat32, which is really where slax should be installed. As for the broadcom card where do I begin. Its a shame your computer came with a wireless card that is from a very UN LINUX friendly vendor. I understand how a lot of people want to just get it working and not question how it works. Alot of distros include this driver with the binary firmware. However this goes against the philosophy of a free system. If slax didn't include this binary blob (which is not part of the kernel) I can't really say I blam slax. I would do two things. First, Lets establish your the customer, demand broadcom support linux and release specifications for the hardware so you can use it with other operating systems besides windows (i.e there is a kernel driver without a binary blob). Second I would replace your mini pci wireless card with one that is fully supported under a free system. I would use an atheros based chipset. In the next release of the kernel 2.6.25 atheros cards with the AR5212 chipset will be fully supported by the kernel without any binary blob. Currenly there is a binary hal but this being replaced. When your using the binary blob with your broadcom card you could be opening yourself up to kernel panics and such because your using non free software with a free os.


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