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Latest Slax release needs more time in the oven

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 04, 2008 01:02 PM
_Q1_>> With the Linux landscape today full of beautiful desktops, Slax does little to compete.
_A1_>> SLAX 's goal is not the beautiful desktop but swiss army knife Linux on 200MB flash key.

_Q2_>> Unfortunately, the Slax site is in flux and there don't seem to be too many modules for it available at this time. If you find one you need, however, you can download it and use the manager to install it.
_A2_>> You can just get a TGZ package for Slackware and convert it to LZM modul—É for SLAX.
For instance here -,,
That's the power of modular structure of SLAX

_Q3_>> Like the other menus, the Internet menu is also dominated by KDE apps
_A3_>> Yes, of course :-) No reason to use both Gnome and KDE libs altogether for small Live OS. It just a wasting of resources.

_Q4_>> Slax doesn't activate a swap partition, and my doing so didn't help.
_A4_>> Host OS can use swap for hibernation. That's why swap activation disabled by default. But is easy to activate in manually or use flile as swap.


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