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End Software Patents project comes out swinging - now its time to train so to hit the target with a

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 03, 2008 04:09 AM
This software patent issue is like claiming that you can drive a car into a solid wall @ 500mph and live unharmed. It simple goes against physical law, and other things that are not of patentable quality, but rather of human mental characteristics. Contradicting this nature of software with patents is going to cause human mental constraint problems, like the problems we are having... See: <a href="">Abstraction Physics</a> and consider why it took 300 years for the hindu-arabic decimal system to overcome the limited roman numeral system... Certainly the idea that only a fool would think nothing (zero) can have value helped to delay the improvement..... could downing software patents be so simple? Occums razor! But it seems nobody wants to focus on producing the proof, but rather collect up on the resulting evidence of what happens when contradicting the nature of software... uh errr human mental functioning nature.


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